5.1 Release Notes

This page details the Cinchy v5.1 release notes

New Connector

  • A new connector has been added to the Cinchy Connections experience: you can now use Snowflake as a source and target connector when performing data syncs. You can review the documentation on connecting as a source here and as a target here.

GraphQL API Beta Release

  • Our GraphQL API provides a complete and understandable description of your data and gives you the power to ask for exactly what data you need and nothing more all in a single request, while leveraging the existing ecosystem of GraphQL developer tools.

  • This is a beta release that offers read-only queries. Future releases will include more query features and mutation support (writes).



  • Performing Data Sync from Cinchy to Salesforce no longer requires write access to the sync key column. This means that you can maintain your Salesforce environment and security protocols without needing to either modify them or create additional attributes, for your sync to work.

  • We've introduced a new STRING_ESCAPE() function that escapes single quotes when wrapped around data sync parameters. It uses the following syntax to wrap around parameters or column references respectively: STRING_ESCAPE(@COLUMN('yourcolumn')) or STRING_ESCAPE(@yourparameter). This function is particularly useful when used in a post sync script's CQL.

Data Browser

  • We've added WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility fixes to improve screen-reader performance and keyboard navigation accessibility.

  • We’ve implemented a new loading screen for when Cinchy is installing and initializing.

Meta Forms

  • We've improved the performance of Meta Forms by reducing the rendering time and adding visual guides to help you see which form sections have completed loading.

  • Date fields with custom display formats will now render correctly, as opposed to showing up in mm/dd/yyyy format by default.

  • In forms that have a 1:1 parent/child hierarchy, we've added the option to render the child form as a flattened form, instead of in a table grid.

  • To improve UI consistency across Forms, the record selection drop down will now appear even if no records exist in the destination table.

CQL Updates

  • We've added a new function, GetLastModifiedBy([Column]), which will return the CinchyID of the user who last modified the specified column. For more information on this new function, review the documentation here.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an error where scrolling in a table with a file column in certain situations prevents the UI from rendering all the data.

  • We've fixed an issue where sorting by columns with a ‘%’ in the column name caused the rows not to sort correctly in the UI.

  • We've fixed a bug in Meta Forms that prevented queries in child form filters from working as expected when using OR conditions.

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