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The MongoDB Event stream source works similar to Cinchy's Change Data Capture functionality. The listener subscribes to monitor the change stream of a specific collection in the database of the MongoDB server. Any actions performed on document(s) inside of that collection are picked up by the listener and sent to the queue.


To use change streams in MongoDB, there are a few requirements your environment must meet.

The MongoDB Event source supports real-time syncs.

Info tab

You can find the parameters in the Info tab below (Image 1).




Mandatory. Input a name for your data sync

Mongo Event to Cinchy


Optional. Review our documentation on Variables here for more information about this field.


Data syncs are role based access systems where you can give specific groups read, write, execute, and/or all of the above with admin access. Inputting at least an Admin Group is mandatory.

Source tab

The following table outlines the mandatory and optional parameters you will find on the Source tab (Image 2).

The following parameters will help to define your data sync source and how it functions.



Mandatory. Select your source from the drop down menu.

MongoDB Event

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