Table-valued functions


Similar to the SQL construct of table-valued functions, you can SELECT or CROSS JOIN from a Cinchy UDF as if it's a table.

Use a Table Valued UDF in CQL

The SELECT and FROM clause work the same for a table-valued UDF as they would for a regular Cinchy table.

FROM tableUDF() u

Create a Table in a UDF

To generate a table within a UDF for use in CQL, you need to create a data table in the same format as the default Cinchy JSON Saved Query response (Image 1).

function tableUDF()
  var result = {};
  result['schema'] = [
      "columnName": "Text Column",
      "type": "String"
      "columnName": "Number Column",
      "type": "Double"
      "columnName": "Date Column",
      "type": "DateTime"
      "columnName": "Yes/No Column",
      "type": "Boolean"
  result['data'] = [];
  result['data'].push(['Record 1',1,'01/01/2020',false]);
  result['data'].push(['Record 2',2.0,'February 2, 2020',true]);
  result['data'].push(['Record 3',-3,'Mar 03, 2020 12:00:00 AM',false]);
  return JSON.stringify(result);

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