v5.2 (IIS)

This page details the upgrade process for Cinchy v5.2 on IIS.

Upgrading on IIS

Warning:** If you are upgrading from Cinchy v5.1 or lower to Cinchy v5.2 or higher,** you must run a mandatory process _(Upgrade 5.2)_ using the Cinchy Utility.

The following process can be run when upgrading any v5.x instance to v5.2 on IIS.


  1. Take a backup of your database.

  2. Extract the new build for the version you wish to upgrade to.

Upgrade process

  1. Merge the following configs with your current instance configs:

    • Cinchy/web.config

    • Cinchy/appsettings.json

    • CinchySSO/appsettings.json

    • CinchySSO/web.config

  2. Execute the following command:

iisreset -stop
  1. Replace the Cinchy and CinchySSO folders with the new build and your merged configs.

  2. Execute the following command:

iisreset -start
  1. Open your Cinchy URL in your browser.

  2. Ensure you can log in.

If you encounter an error during this process, restore your database backup and contact Cinchy Support.

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