v4.21 (IIS)

This page details the upgrade process for Cinchy v4.21 on IIS.

Upgrading on IIS

This process can be run when upgrading from a Cinchy version that's not v5.0+.


  1. Follow this guide to take a backup of your database.

  2. Extract the new build for the version you wish to upgrade to.

Upgrade process

  1. Swap out the following configs with your current instance configs:

    1. Cinchy/web.config

    2. CinchySSO/appsettings.json

    3. Log4net.config

    4. Web.config

  2. Execute the following command:

iisreset -stop
  1. Replace the Cinchy and CinchySSO folders with the new build and your merged configs.

  2. Execute the following command:

iisreset -start
  1. Start Cinchy in your browser.

If you encounter an error during this process, restore your database backup and contact Cinchy Support.

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