Validate Date and Time values


The validate date and time value function covered in this section is:


ISDATE checks an expression to see if it's correct.

It will return 1 if the expression is a valid date, time, or datetime value; otherwise, it will return 0. ISDATE will also return 0 if the expression is a datetime2 value.

This function isn't currently supported in PostgreSQL deployments of the Cinchy platform. Please check back at a later time. For a full list of in-progress function translations, see the CQL functions reference page.


ISDATE ( expression )


expression Is a character string or expression that can be converted to a character string. The expression must be less than 4,000 characters. Date and time data types, except datetime and smalldatetime, aren't allowed as the argument for ISDATE.

Return types



ISDATE is deterministic only when used with the CONVERT function, if the CONVERT style parameter is specified, and style isn't equal to 0, 100, 9, or 109.

The return value of ISDATE depends on the settings set by SET DATEFORMAT, SET LANGUAGE and Configure the default language Server Configuration Option.


Using ISDATE to Test Valid datetime Expression

IF ISDATE('2009-05-12 10:19:41.177') = 1

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