Cinchy Platform Documentation
Cinchy v5.6

Best Practices

This page outlines a few common best practices when building in Cinchy.

1. Naming Convention

‌Cinchy is built as a simple, business user friendly application. This means that you should use business friendly terms to name your tables and columns. For example, you want to name a column “Full Name” rather than full_name, fullName, fName etc.‌‌

2. Domains

‌Domains essentially act as folders to be able to organize your data. Generally you will want to split domains by business lines (ex. Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Product Development). The key thing is to keep it consistent so users have a general idea where to go to find information.‌‌

3. Descriptions

‌You can add descriptions to your tables and columns. Descriptions allow other users to use data in a more self-serve fashion, and also helps prevent misunderstandings of the meaning of your data.‌‌
Table descriptions are shown in the My Network screen, and will show up in search as well.‌ (Image 1).
Image 1: Table Description
Column descriptions show up when you hover on the column in the Manage Data screen (Image 2 and 3).
Image 2: Column Descriptions
Image 3: Column Descriptions