Custom results in the Network Map

Focus the results of your Network Map to show only the data that you want to see with our new URL parameters.

This feature was added in version 5.20 of the Cinchy platform.

You can now add Target Node, Depth Level, and Max Depth Level Parameters.

Example: <base url>/apps/datanetworkvisualizer?targetNode=&maxDepth=&depthLevel=

  • Target Node: Using the Target Node parameter defines which of your nodes will be the central node from which all connections branch from.

    • Target Node uses the TableID number, which you can find in the URL of any table.

    • Example: <base url>/apps/datanetworkvisualizer?targetNode=8 will show TableID 8 as the central node

  • Max Depths: This parameter defines how many levels of network hierarchy you want to display.

    • Example: <base url>/apps/datanetworkvisualizer?maxDepth=2 will only show you two levels of connections.

  • Depth Level: Depth Level is a UI parameter that will highlight/focus on a certain depth of connections.

    • Example: <base url>/apps/datanetworkvisualizer?DepthLevel=1 will highlight all first level network connections, while the rest will appear muted.

The below example visualizer uses the following URL: <base url>/apps/datanetworkvisualizer?targetNode=8&maxDepth=2&depthLevel=1

  • It shows Table ID 8 ("Groups") as the central node.

  • It only displays the Max Depth of 2 connections from the central node.

  • It highlights the nodes that have a Depth Level of 1 from the central node.

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