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Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software designed for service, marketing, and sales.

Push Topic events provide a secure and scalable way to receive notifications for changes to Salesforce data that match a SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) query you define.

You can use Push Topic events to:

  • Receive notifications of Salesforce record changes, including create, update, delete, and undelete operations.

  • Capture changes for the fields and records that match a SOQL query.

  • Receive change notifications for only the records a user has access to based on sharing rules.

  • Limit the stream of events to only those events that match a subscription filter

The Salesforce Push Topic source supports real-time syncs.

Real-time sync scenarios

You can use a Push Topic already configured in Salesforce, or have Cinchy Event Listener create the Push Topic for you.

Scenario 1: Push Topic already exists in Salesforce.

Cinchy will compare the JSON with the properties on the push topic in Salesforce by name. If the attributes match, the listener will start listening on the push topic.

Scenario 2: Push Topic already exists in Salesforce and the configuration doesn't match.

Cinchy will compare the JSON with the properties on the push topic in Salesforce by name. If any of the attributes don't match, Cinchy will sync the push topic from Salesforce into Cinchy and disable the listener.

Scenario 3: Push Topic doesn't exist in Salesforce.

If the Push Topic name doesn't exist in Salesforce, Cinchy will attempt to create the Push Topic. If it's successful, it will sync in the Id from Salesforce and start listening on the push topic.

Info tab

You can find the parameters in the Info tab below (Image 1).




Mandatory. Input a name for your data sync

Salesforce Push Topic


Optional. Review our documentation on Variables here for more information about this field.


Data syncs are role based access systems where you can give specific groups read, write, execute, and/or all of the above with admin access. Inputting at least an Admin Group is mandatory.

Source tab

The following table outlines the mandatory and optional parameters you will find on the Source tab (Image 2).

The following parameters will help to define your data sync source and how it functions.



Mandatory. Select your source from the drop down menu.

Salesforce Push Topic

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