v5.3 (Kubernetes)

Upgrading on Kubernetes

When it comes time to upgrade your various components, you can do so by updating the version number in your configuration files and applying the changes in ArgoCD.

If you are upgrading from Cinchy v5.1 or lower to Cinchy v5.3**, you must first run a mandatory process (Upgrade 5.2) using the Cinchy Utility **and deploy version 5.2. Once complete, you can continue on with your 5.3 upgrade.

Configure to the newest version

  1. Navigate to your cinchy devops.automation repository

    1. Navigate to your deployment.json (You may have renamed this during your original Kubernetes deployment)

    2. In the cinchy_instance_configs section, navigate to the image tags. Replace the version number with the instance that you wish to deploy (Ex: v5.2.0 > 5.3.0).

  // The component image tags are specified below to define which versions to deploy
  "connections_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "event_listener_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "idp_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "maintenance_cli_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "meta_forms_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "web_image_tag": "v5.3.0",
  "worker_image_tag": "v5.3.0"
  1. Rerun the deployment script by using the following command in the root directory of your devops.automations repository:

dotnet Cinchy.DevOps.Automations.dll "deployment.json"

3. Commit and push your changes.

Apply the configurations

If your environment isn't set-up to automatically apply upon configuration, complete the following the apply the newest version:

  1. Navigate to the ArgoCD portal.

  2. Refresh your component(s). If that doesn't work, re-sync.

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