The Admin panel

This page details information about the Admin Panel on Cinchy.

You can view the admin panel of your Cinchy instance by using the /admin/index endpoint. This is only reachable if you are logged in as a user with admin access. The admin panel includes the following sections:

Cinchy Healthcheck

The Cinchy Healthcheck shows information about your system such as current version, IP Address, the system time, and your database status (Image 1).

Cinchy log files

This section shows a list of viewable log files from your system, as well as their size, creation time, and last modified time (Image 2).

Log files in the Admin Panel are only visible on Cinchy deployments on IIS, or on a version earlier than v5. In those cases, you will need to navigate to OpenSearch (or comparable component).

Review the Data Browser page for information on uploading a logo.

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