Release Notes
Cinchy 4.0 comes with Custom Data Network Visualizer, Multi-Lingual Support, the ability to use User Defined Functions in Calculated Columns and Docker support.

New Features

‌Custom Data Network Visualizer

You can visualize your own custom data networks using Cinchy. See Custom Data Network Visualizer.
Network of Networks

Multi-Lingual Support

Cinchy now has multi-lingual support. You can go to your user profile and change your language and region preferences. French translations are pre-populated, but you can also add other language translations.
The same system can also be used by Applets through our language API.
See Multi-Lingual Support for details.

User Defined Functions in Calculated Columns

You can call a scalar-valued user defined function in a calculated column. This allows you to do a variety of operations:
  • Create more complex functions or aggregations from other tables
  • Trigger an API call to retrieve external data
  • Create a notification or create a record in another table

Docker Support

Cinchy is now available via Docker. For deployment instructions please see Docker Deployment.


New Options for Calculated Columns


Current calculated columns are cached, meaning they are stored for fast retrieval for querying. In some cases, you may want to run the calculations in real time (for example, if the calculated column calls a User Defined Functions, which calls an external API for immediate real-time information). In these cases, you can uncheck the Cache option.
A calculated column that is not cached is not persisted, and calculated on the fly. It works essentially like a saved formula, and is executed when you read the record.

Calculate Existing Values

Another option now available on Calculated Columns is calculate existing values. This option is available when you change a formula for a persisted calculated column on an existing table. Previously we would always recalculate all the values in the column.
If you uncheck the box, the column will not be calculated on save and will be blank. Any updates to that record or newly inserted records will have the column calculated. You can use this to set up triggers (since the calculation will run whenever a change occurs on the record) or schedule the calculations separately in batches in case you have a lot of data and may hit external API rate limits during the calculation.

Query Builder

Result Type

We included the result type drop down in the query builder screen so it is easier to switch result types when running your query. This is also useful when running different sections of your query for debugging purposes.

Query Timeout

The timeout for a query is now configurable. The default is 30 seconds. However if you find that you need to run a query that is known to take longer and needs to be executed you can modify the timeout. This can be saved so the query will always allow for that longer timeout. This is generally only recommended after you have already ensured your query is correct on a smaller dataset, and you know the query will take longer than 30 seconds to execute.

Nested Display Columns

Additional display columns can now come from links further down, rather than only from the linked table.

Keyboard Navigation for Manage Data & My Network

At Cinchy, we are constantly looking to improve our accessibility and usability. The My Network screen as well as the Manage Data screen can now both be navigated entirely via the keyboard.