Creating your first table
Follow these instructions to create a new table within Cinchy.
From the home screen, select Create in the top left hand corner to get started.
Click Create
You can choose either a standard or spatial table.
For a standard table, you can either create a table from scratch or start with a CSV import.

Standard vs Spatial Table

A spatial table allows you to create geography and geometry column types, as well as geospatial indexes. You will not be able to create partitions on a spatial table.
A standard table will not allow you to create geography and geometry columns. (Any existing tables created before installing Cinchy Platform v4.19.0 are standard tables).
You cannot convert from one type to another and will have to either recreate your table or link to another table with geospatial columns.

Starting from Scratch

Info Tab

Table Name

Mandatory field. Must be unique within the Domain.
I.e. You can have a [Football].[Teams] table and a [Basketball].[Teams] table, but not two tables named [Teams] under the Football domain.


You can optionally pick an icon, as well as color for your table. This will be displayed on the home screen.


You need to select a Domain your table will reside under. As an admin, you can also create new domains in this screen.
An admin can select the option to create a new domain when creating a new table.


You can give your table a description. This description will be displayed on the home screen to users browsing the marketplace.


Example name, icon, domain and description.
What it looks like in the Marketplace.
What it looks like in your bookmarks.
Your table must have at least one column to start. See Column Types to decide what type of column you should create and how to create it. Depending on the type, you will create it either under the columns or the links tab.
You can now click Save to create your first table!
Click Save to create the table.

Import a CSV


You need to select a Domain your table will reside under. As an admin, you can also create new domains in this screen.


You must upload a .csv file. The column names must not conflict with System Columns.

Default Settings

When creating a table via Import a CSV, a few settings will be set by default. These can be modified after the table is imported through the Design Table tab.

Default Table Name

The name of the file will be used as the name of the table (a number will be appended if there is a duplicate - ex. uploading Teams.csv will create a table named Teams 1, then Team 2 if uploaded again). You can always rename the table after it has been created.

Default Table Icon

The icon defaults to a green paintbrush.

Default Column Types

Columns by default will be created as a text field, with a maximum length of the longest value in the column. If a column has only numeric values in it, it will be created as a numeric column.

Default View

When you first create a table, a default view called All Data will be created for you under Manage Data.
You can create additional views or edit the All Data view under Managing Data.

Bookmarks and Marketplace

Once you create a table, it will be added to your bookmarks by default. Other users (or if you un-star the table from your bookmarks) will see it in the Marketplace if they have permissions to.
You can click the table in the home screen to get back to the Data Management screen for your table.