4.21 Release Notes

New Features

  • Webhook Ingestion: It is now possible to ingest webhook notifications from external applications and platforms.
    • A new system table called Webhooks (only available to administrators) allows you to create a unique key for each webhook, and specify a saved query that can be run when the event is triggered.
    • See our step-by-step instructions for configuring webhooks to learn more.
Configure webhook ingestion in the Webhooks table.
  • Anonymous User: This release creates a new Cinchy user called "Anonymous".
    • This user can be given permissions directly, or added to groups, similar to any other user. However, note that the anonymous user is programmatically limited to read-only access. Even if it is directly given insert or update privileges, or added to a group that has such entitlements, these will not apply when accessing Cinchy anonymously.
    • Unauthenticated calls to the ExecuteCQL and ExecuteSavedQuery APIs will now run based on the permissions granted to the anonymous user; i.e. Cinchy will return any and all data that the anonymous user has permission to view.
    • Note that API calls that provide incorrect credentials will still return a 401 - Unauthorized response.
    • Currently, there is no way for the anonymous user to access Cinchy directly via the data browser.


  • Login Screen and Home Page Improvements: Watch the below video for a quick tour of what's changed.
4.21 Homepage Refresh Walkthrough
  • Minimum Contrast: Contrast ratios have been adjusted to support WCAG guidelines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when trying to pass a variable to a table-valued User Defined Function (UDF)
  • Resolved error when filtering on a linked date column
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally caused session timeouts for data browser users
  • Adjusted timeout length on executeMatch UDF (used in Cinchy MDM experience)