4.19 Release Notes

New Features

Spatial tables are now available. You can create geometry and geography columns in a spatial table, as well as geospatial indexes (directly on the column itself). Note that all existing tables are standard tables, which support partitions but not geospatial columns.
New Create Table modal with Spatial Table option
An example of what geometry and geography data looks like in a table.


  • Upgrading a model via the model loader now no longer deletes any columns that were not part of the previous model. This applies to Cinchy system tables as well so you can extend Cinchy tables with your own custom columns (ex. create a calculated column in Cinchy.Tables to navigate to the table directly) without an upgrade deleting those columns. Note that any modifications made to a column from a model will only be overwritten if the new model has changes on the column.
  • There is a new system property (defaulted to 0) that indicates whether an administrator has scheduled a maintenance job to run on the Cinchy instance. When this is set to 0, a warning message will appear when someone sets up a Data Erasure or Data Compression policy to let them know that this feature has not been enabled. They will still be able to save their settings, so if maintenance is set up at a later date they do not have to come back and save the policy afterwards. If you are an administrator and have been asked to set up maintenance, please see: Maintenance
The system property Maintenance Enabled simply toggles the warning message above, it does not serve any functional purpose. It is the administrator's job to ensure the maintenance job is running successfully at a regular interval. Maintenance can also be ran ad hoc, so if you do not wish to permanently delete records or version history in a table, do not turn on Data Erasure or Compression even if you see that banner.
  • Additional logging has been added to the IdP to facilitate troubleshooting SSO issues.
  • A script is now shipped with the Cinchy Platform that enables set up of a Cinchy database user without db_owner privileges.
  • Added support for try_parse, try_convert, and try_cast

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a limitation of data erasure on tables with a lot of columns
Last modified 11mo ago