4.15 Release Notes

API Changes

A few changes have been made to improve the Saved Query API experience.

401 Reponse when your credentials are incorrect

The Saved Query API endpoint will return a 401 error code when you provide invalid credentials. This includes not providing credentials, expired credentials, and incorrect credentials.

RETURN is now supported in CQL

This allows you to use raiserror to return a specific error based on any validation errors you run into for your saved query.

ELMAH Logging

Any 400 errors that are from a Saved Query API will show up in the ELMAH log as a 400 HTTP error.

Model Loader

Calculated Columns

  • Model Loader now updates the formula in a calculated column
  • After the formula is updated if it is a cached column it will recalculate during the model load


  • Model Loader now loads indexes, unique indexes, and included columns


  • Row height and summary statistics are added to Saved Queries grid

Forbidden Passwords

A forbidden passwords list ([Cinchy].[Forbidden Passwords]) has been added. You will not be able to set your password to one of these. If you are an administrator, you can change the list. For more details, see System Properties.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with searching link column dropdowns when you do not have access to view one of the display columns in the dropdown.
  • Resolved a bug with parameters and Saved Queries when there are INSERT statements
  • Relative links respect the target attribute (when set to parent or top)
  • Percentage copy and paste behaves like regular numbers
  • Resolved an issue with displaying Create View on Mac and certain zoom levels
  • Resolved an issue with reverting hierarchy links in the collaboration log

Tableau Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug that was causing Saved Queries with trailing whitespaces to cause problems with Tableau Web Connector


  • Fixed Cinchy to work with new SameSite updates in Google Chrome
  • Applets have been renamed to Experiences
Last modified 1yr ago