An instance of SQL Server 2012+
    A Windows Server 2012+ machine with IIS 7.5+ installed
    Install these IIS features in addition to the defaults:
      Application Development Features:
        ASP.NET 3.5
        ASP.NET 4.7
      Common HTTP Features
        HTTP Redirection
      Health & Diagnostics
        Request Monitor
      Performance Features
        Dynamic Content Compression
      Web Management Tools
        IIS Management Scripts and Tools
        IIS Management Service
    Install .Net Framework 4.7.2 on the server
    Install .net core Hosting bundle Version 3.1 -
Cinchy Platform 4.18.0+ uses .NET Core 3.1, previous versions use .NET Core 2.1
See the Deployment Planning Guide for additional details on the architecture and system requirements.
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