My Data Network

Legacy Data Network Visualizer Applet

The legacy standalone applet is no longer supported. For instructions on the standalone applet version, see Setup Data Network Visualizer in v2.2.0.

My Data Network

The Data Network Visualizer now ships with Cinchy as a system applet called My Data Network. It uses the user's entitlements for viewable tables and linked columns. You will find the My Data Network data experience in the Marketplace:
Cinchy Production Data Network
My Data Network is another way to view and navigate the data you have access to within Cinchy.
Each node represents a table you have access to within Cinchy, and each edge is one link between two tables. The size of the table is determined by the number of links referencing that table. The timeline on the bottom allows you to check out your data network at a point in the past and look at the evolution of your network.
Cinchy Employees Table
When you click on a node, you will see its description in the top right hand corner. You can click the Open button to navigate to the table.

Custom Data Network Visualizer

If you want to create your own custom data network visualizer, see Custom Data Network Visualizer