System Columns
Cinchy contains system columns used to perform various functionality. These columns cannot be modified directly by a user. You cannot create a column with the same name.

Cinchy Id

Cinchy Id is a unique identifier assigned automatically to all records within a normal table. The Cinchy Id is associated with the record permanently and is never reassigned even if the record is deleted.

Version & Draft Version

Version and Draft Version are used to track changes and versions.

Without Maker/Checker Enabled

Any changes made to a record increments the Version. Draft Version is always 0.

With Maker/Checker Enabled

Any data approval increments Version and resets Draft Version to 0. Any proposed changes increments the Draft Version.

Approval State

Legacy column - always blank.

Created By & Created

Created By is a linked column to the [Cinchy].[Users] table, of the user who created the record.
Created is the time when the record was created.

Without Maker/Checker Enabled

Created By and Created will be the same for all records with the same Cinchy Id.

With Maker/Checker Enabled

Created By and Created is based on the first user to make changes on an approved record. So the user where Draft Version = 1.

Modified By & Modified

Modified By is a linked column to the [Cinchy].[Users] table, of the user who last modified the record.

Without Maker/Checker Enabled

The last user to modify the record, and when it happened.

With Maker/Checker Enabled

The last user to either modify the record (Draft Version != 0) or approve the record (Draft Version = 0). The timestamp for when that version was generated.

Deleted By & Deleted

If a record is deleted, it will show up in the Recycle Bin.

Without Maker/Checker Enabled

A deleted record will have Deleted By and Deleted filled in.

With Maker/Checker Enabled

Deleted By and Deleted are based on the user/time when the Delete Request was created, not when it was approved.


There is always only one latest/up to date record at a time. Anytime changes are made to a record, a new version (normal or draft) is created, and the previous version is updated with a Replaced timestamp.
Any record where Replaced is empty is the current version of that record.