4.8 Release Notes


Toggling Change Approval

You will be prevented from turning off change approval if you still have any records in draft state. Note that you may have to check in the Recycle Bin for draft records if there are none currently in the All Data view.

Formatting Rule Bug

Fixed a bug where some viewable row filters made it so the formatting was not being applied.

Editable Row Filter Bug

Fixed a bug where changing data that caused a cell to be editable is not being reflected on the UI.

UDFs Calling External APIs

Fixed a bug with making certain HTTP requests from a UDF.

French Translations

Tweaked some translations for consistency.

Real Time Sync

4.8.1 includes changes that allows you to set up a real time data sync. Right now this capability is only available for listening to push topics from Salesforce but a Cinchy source will be added soon.
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There is a new Cinchy built in function, executeSavedQuery, which allows you to get back a scalar value or a list of values. This is useful for replacing subqueries both for cleanliness and performance.
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