4.7 Release Notes

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Continuing from last release, here are additional changes to Manage Data.

Manual Row Resize

In addition to the row height presets, you can now also manually resize a row (or multiple rows if you select more of them). You can also double click to auto expand the row height.


Filters are now applied to the table rather than the view. This allows you to flip between different views (ex. All Open vs My Open) while keeping your filters.

Recently Viewed

Now when you click on a recently viewed table, it will take you to the last state it was in, rather than resetting to the default view.

Can Delete Default View

Default views can now be deleted, since there is always a system All Data view. This will also allow you to clean up tables where a specific view was never specified and a custom All Data view was created.


Version Number in Collaboration Log

When comparing two values in the Collaboration Log, you can now see the version you are looking at to revert the correct version.
Last modified 1yr ago