4.6 Release Notes

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All Data View

There is now always an All Data view.
  • Similar to Recycle Bin, this is a system view that is not editable
  • This view has no filters or sorts, and contains all the columns in the table (access controls still apply)
  • Includes the Cinchy Id column
Reorder your columns in Design Table to change the order in All Data
Links in Cinchy now take you to the All Data view rather than the default view. This allows you to set your default view to a more filtered down view.


Views now have permissions, so you can limit who can see a view. They default to All Users, since that is the previous behavior.


HTML <a> Tag

Previously we auto-detect hyperlinks and allow them to be clickable. We now support limited functionality with <a> tags within Cinchy text fields.
<a href="https://www.google.com" target="_blank"> Click Me! </a>

Supported Attributes:

  • href
  • download
  • target
Default target is blank for absolute URLs.
_self, _parent, _top are only available when it is a relative URL (destination is within Cinchy).

Expand Row Height

You can now expand the height of rows.
  • Collapsed is the default (1 row only)
  • Expanded will open to a max height of 5
  • Full View will open to a max height of 9
This is an experimental feature.
Look out for more UI improvements to the feature in upcoming sprints.
Last modified 1yr ago