4.5 Release Notes

GETDATE() and User Timezone

User Preferences

The Language User Link Table has been renamed to User Preferences, and a time zone column has been added. Your timezone can be set in your profile.

System Properties

A new system property has been added called Default Time Zone. On an upgrade, this will be automatically added and set to Eastern Standard Time for backwards compatibility. If this value is removed or invalid, the default will be UTC.


getdate() previously returned in your application server's time, it will now return in the user's time zone (and if that is not set, the system default time zone).

Cinchy System [Created], [Modified] and [Deleted] columns

These columns were previously returning in Eastern Standard Time. They will now display in a user's time zone.
User created Date fields are not converted, so if you are making a comparison between a user created date column and the current time or a system column, it is recommended you use GETUTCDATE() instead for consistency.


  • Links and Hierarchies have been merged into Columns. They are now simply a drop down option.
  • Fixed a bug with nested display columns in a link dropdown, as well as not being able to search those columns.