4.4 Release Notes

Create from Existing View

You can now create a view from an existing view rather than starting from scratch each time. This will pre-fill the view with existing display columns, sorts, and filter.

Collaboration Log

We made some improvements to the collaboration log, including:
  • Freezing the first few columns as well as the header row
  • Allowing you to more easily copy and paste values
  • Keyboard navigation through the grid (tab and arrow keys)

Keyboard Navigation for Design Query and Query Builder

At Cinchy, we are constantly looking to improve our accessibility and usability. The Query Builder screen, including Design Query, are now navigable through keyboard only.
Please reach out if you have any suggestions to improve accessibility or usability.


  • If you execute a saved query through the CLI or another query, it will now return in the result type of the saved query (i.e. Approved/Draft/Version History) rather than the context of what is making that request.
  • Display seconds in the system Modified/Created/Deleted columns.
  • When creating a filter in Manage Data, it defaults to contains rather than equals