4.18 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

New Features

  • Cinchy now expires your session based on inactivity and requires you to login again if you have been inactive for too long. The default timeout is 30 minutes, but can be configured in the CinchySSO appsettings.json. User Grants are tracked in the Cinchy.User Grants table.


  • Ability to chain User Defined Function triggers across multiple tables

  • Model loader now respects the order of the columns in your model.

  • Ability to change the issuer via a new app setting in CinchySSO. (see installation guide)

  • Further accessibility enhancements including fixing contrast issues, reordering columns, alerting the user when executing queries or saving data, and labeling objects in My Network

  • Platform returns a better error for unique constraint violations - this does not impact your platform experience since the UI retries each row when there's a unique constraint failure, but it does allow the CLI to sync in all valid rows rather than failing the whole batch.

Bug Fixes

  • Maintenance script was not correct (this would cause an error in running the maintenance command)

  • User Defined Function errors now display in the Query Builder screen (they are intentionally suppressed for calculated columns)

  • Fixed tab characters breaking link display columns

  • Popup for pasting data on Manage Data closes properly



  • Indexes are no longer resaved unnecessarily on table save

Bug Fixes

  • Copy and paste in Data Controls resolves against the correct columns

  • Yes/No filter no longer resets incorrectly



  • New look for Collaboration Log

  • Improve caching and data callback logic

  • Added the /Experiences/Domain/AppletName endpoint