4.17 Release Notes

New Features

  • We now support screen readers on Cinchy tables


  • Enhancements have been made to the model loader:
    • Resolved issue where reloading the same model throws an error
    • Added logging to model load operation to indicate which tables are updated/created
    • Removed re-saving of tables that have no changes
    • Resolved an inconsistency issue when loading large models
  • Saved Queries supports name-based routing:<baseurl>/query/execute/domain/savedqueryname
  • DXD Reference Data table now has an additional column called Target Filters

Bug Fixes

  • Collaboration log now supports the quotation mark character in linked field records
  • Fixed the filters applied to columns with the yes/no data type where the UI was reset
  • Fixed retry logic in Listener when retrieving the Salesforce access token fails
  • Better error handling for unique constraint violations
Last modified 1yr ago