4.16 Release Notes

New Features

  • The CompressJSON flag is now useable with the ExecuteCQL endpoint as well
  • We now support the ability to encrypt or sign SAML responses


  • Significant changes have been made to the model loader to deal with more complex scenarios.
  • We now ignore Cinchy tables in a model import - so you can load models from lower Cinchy versions to higher Cinchy versions without worrying about corrupting the system tables. We do not recommend modifying system tables.
  • CreateDXVersion (and DXD) now check a user's permission for the selected tables, rather than using the builders and builder groups column
  • "allow-downloads" is now enabled with embedded applets so you can build an integrated applet that allows the user to download files
  • We've made some changes to percent to improve the user experience. Here's a quick demo of what you can expect from typing/copying/pasting in a number versus a percent column.

Bug Fixes

  • Navigating and using Data Controls no longer creates a 404 HTTP error in ELMAH logs
  • Yes/No columns now load properly into Tableau from Cinchy.
  • Link display columns now have proper encoding for < >, so you can display linked hyperlinks properly.
  • Fixed a link dropdown type ahead issue where there are link filters with an OR clause.