4.1 Release Notes

SSO Changes

Support for SAML2 Grant Type

You can now obtain a Cinchy bearer token using your SAML2 token. Simply pass in your base64 encoded saml token instead of your username and password. See Authentication for details.

Update Groups on Log In

User group memberships will now be updated anytime a user logs in. Note that group memberships can still be synced via the CLI (see AD Group Integration for details) at a regular interval or after large group membership changes.

Restoring Deleted Users when Auto User Creation is On

Now when deleted users attempt to login to Cinchy when the SSO Auto User Creation has been turned on, their user will be restored from the Recycle bin. If you want to revoke a user's access to Cinchy but keep their SSO account active, you can disable the user by checking off the Is Disabled box in the Cinchy.Users table.

Additional App Settings

The Configuring ADFS documentation page has been revamped. 3 additional attributes are added to app settings so that you can set your max SAML request size. This was originally preventing users with a large amount of groups from being synced into Cinchy.

Syncing Users with Multiple Groups

In 4.0 and earlier, we support syncing multiple groups where the attributes are separate:
Now we also support comma separated lists in the response.


Some tweaks have been made to our Tableau Web Connector to be compatible with more versions of Tableau. A few bugs have also been fixed.
Please see Tableau on how to get started.
Last modified 2yr ago