Requires CLI v4.7+
Cinchy performs maintenance tasks through the CLI. This currently includes the data erasure and data compression deletions.
Cinchy.CLI.exe maintenance -s "cinchyBaseURL" -u username -p "encryptedPassword" -t 180
Server, i.e. Cinchy Base URL (ex.
Username, this will need to be an account that is part of the Cinchy Administrators group
Encrypted password (you can encrypt your password by using Cinchy.CLI.exe encrypt -t "plaintextpassword"
Set a maintenance time window in minutes. Maintenance tasks will stop executing after the allotted time frame. This allows you to run this during an allotted maintenance window.
This flag must be added if you are accessing Cinchy over https.
To schedule maintenance from 2am to 5am every day, use a scheduling program to run the command above at 2am every day with the -t parameter set to 180 (3 hours = 180 minutes).
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