My Network
My Network in Cinchy is your home page. This is where you will access and organize all of your tables, queries and applets in Cinchy. This section will cover the following features:

My Network

Once you log in to Cinchy, you'll be on the My Network screen. From here, you can navigate to a variety of tables, queries, and applets you have access to.
You can return to the My Network page at any time by clicking the Cinchy logo in the top left corner.

My Marketplace

All objects you have access to within Cinchy will show up in my marketplace. You can find the objects that you are interested in through searching and filtering.


‌All objects you have access to in your Marketplace (including bookmarks) are searchable and can be filtered by typing the partial or full name of the object you are searching for in the search bar.
The ‘Reset’ button on the right side of the search bar can be used to clear the search.
You can also search by removing or adding object types from your My Network simply by selecting and deselecting an object type like Queries from the toolbar.

My Bookmarks

You can bookmark your most often used objects and rearrange them to your liking within your bookmarks.
To bookmark an object, complete the following:
  1. 1.
    Locate the object
  2. 2.
    Click the yellow star in the top right corner
The object will pop into your “My Bookmark” section.
To rearrange your bookmarks simply drag and drop the object into the desired order.

My Data Network

Your “My Data Network” shows a visualization of all tables in Cinchy you have access to and how they are all connected.
Each of the coloured circles represents an object in Cinchy. The lines between them demonstrate the links between them.
You are able to search and open tables from this view using the search bar on the left.
You can see what the network looked like in the past by clicking and dragging the pink circle along the timeline at the bottom.
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