This feature within Manage Data allows you to import new rows of data into your current table. If you wish to perform a sync instead please refer to the CLI.

This importer essentially acts like a smart copy-and-paste of new data into an existing table. (If you want to sync data instead please refer to the CLI)

The importer treats the first row of your csv as a header row, and will match the headers to the column names within your table. It will ignore any columns it cannot match, as well as ignoring any columns you do not have edit permissions for.

You will get a message after the import runs with # of rows succeeded and failed.

Click the download icon after the Rejected Rows to download the rows that were not processed.

You will get a file back with all the rejected rows, as well as 2 columns added called Cinchy Import Errors and Cinchy Import Original Row Number.

Cinchy Import Errors

This will return the same errors as you would get in the UI as if you were doing a copy and paste.

Cinchy Import Original Row Number

This provides a reference to the row number in the original file you imported, in case you need to check it for reference.

You can simply fix any errors in your error log and import the error log, since successful rows are omitted.